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Chess Stars Publishing

Chess Stars Publishing is a very high quality publisher of mostly opening books. Their books have a interesting 3 step structure consisting of a quick overview/repertoire, a deeper step-by-step analysis and finally, relevant complete games.

Everyman Publishers

Everyman Publishers British publisher of some of our better chess books. The Move-by-Move series is terrific for improving players.

Gambit Publications

Gambit Publications have brought us great recent books from John Nunn, Paul Motwani, and John Watson, among others.

McFarland & Co

McFarland & Co Publishers of some terrific, mainly historical, chess books.

Moongoose Press

Moongoose Press has a unique collection of books. In particular the Wojo’s Weapons series is examining why Aleksander Wojtkiewicz was so incredibly efficient at beating club players and winning weekend tournaments in the US.

New in Chess

New in Chess is well known for their yearbooks and is also a publisher of some other quality chess books. is a young publisher of Chess DVD tutorials, trying to equal the Chessbase DVD's in quality.

Quality Chess

Quality Chess is run by Jacab Aagaard and John Shaw. They are famous for their incredibly deep Grandmaster Opening series.

Russel Enterprises

Russel Enterprises publishes a mixture of historical and modern high quality chess books.


Sahovski is the publisher of the Chess Informant and also offers the exhaustive 5 volume set The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, as well as many other books.


Roman's Lab

Roman Dzindzichashvili has released a phenomenal amount of new training DVD’s, in addition to which all his old, popular material that used to be available on video, is now available on DVD. As well as covering nearly every topic that you can think of, many of Romans DVD’s are extremely long, with some containing over four hours of World Class tutorial.

Foxy Openings

Foxy openings was already a popular series on video, transferred to DVD and extended with new DVD's. The Foxy openings series is especially loved for easy followable opening explanation.

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