DGT Caïssa System - Wireless Connections for serial tournament e-boards

The DGT Caïssa System connects (four) serial tournament e-Boards to the computer via a wireless system. Its practical ease of use very much simplifies setting up e-Boards at chess tournaments to arrange live broadcasting of games and tournament presentation. The system consists of three different modules: board modules, a collector module and booster modules.

  •  The board module connects to the serial e-Board and DGT XL clock under which it is placed and sends the chess moves to the collector module. Use 1 board module per e-Board.
  • The collector module connects to the PC or laptop (serial port or USB) and receives the chess moves. Use 1 collector module per 100 e-Boards.
  • The booster module acts as an amplifier and is required when large quantities of e-Boards are used or if there is a large distance between board modules and collector module. Booster modules are placed anywhere in the playing hall. Guideline: use 1 booster module per 20 e-Boards.

A huge benefit of the DGT Caïssa System is that it is extremely easy and quick to set up without the need to lay cables from board to board, from table to table and to the computer. Large quantities of serial boards can be connected together quickly simply by placing the required modules. Using the system gives freedom to position and move tables and computer as required. The DGT Caïssa System is delivered in customised wooden boxes. Each box can store all modules and materials required to connect ten e-Boards.

The DGT Livechess software is used to manage the e-Boards and broadcast the games live via the internet. DGT e-boards, the DGT XL chessclock and batteries are not included.

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