FOXY OPENINGS - VOLUME 91 - A Repertoire for Black Against Unusual Openings - Andrew Martin

-It will happen to you one day and when you least expect it. An opponent will confront you with an unusual opening ( 1. b3, 1. b4, 1. a3, 1. Nc3, 1. g3, 1. g4 or 1. f4) and suddenly you haven't got anything prepared! Fear not, Foxy Openings is at hand! International Master Andrew Martin constructs an excellent, Grandmaster-approved repertoire for Black against all of 1. b3, 1. b4, 1. a3, 1. Nc3, 1. g3, 1. g4 or 1. f4. The onus is put back on White to justify his unorthodox actions. There has to be a reason why all these openings are rarely played at master level and that is because it is very easy for Black to get a good game against them, BUT only if he or she knows what they are doing.
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