Groningen Chess Festival 2014

Groningen Chess Festival 2014

During the Groningen Chess Festival (18-30 December) there will be a couple of events organized by the organisation. We will bring you daily updates about the events and the rest of the tournament in the subcategory of this event.

We will also be open with the Raindroptime Shop everyday. In our Raindroptime shop you can try all kinds of games and products. We will have solitaire chess, raindropchess and even a DGT Board for you to try out during the event!

The Main events of the Chess Festival will be held at the following location: Sportcentrum Rijksuniversiteit & Hanzehogeschool Blauwborgje 16, 9747 AC Groningen.

Groningen chess festival program:

18th December: Official Opening Chess Festival 2014

19th December: Youth Chess Challenge: 

21th-30th December: Open A,B,C events.

22th December: NOSBO Grand Prix youth tournament

22th-28th December: University of Groningen Chess Challenge 

23th-29th December: University of Groningen Chess Challenge Ladies

23th December: Open Groningen Raindropchess Festival. 

25th December: Christmas day: the tournament is closed, all groups have a free day.

29th December: Simultaneous Exhibition by Dimitri Reinderman

30th December: Simultaneous Exhibition by Anne Haast

30th December: Closing Ceremony Groningen Chess Festival (17:00)

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