The Gambit Files: Tactical Themes to Sharpen Your Play - Bill Harvey

Sharpen your sword! Puzzle king Bill Harvey presents 237 violent positions from 15 gambit variations – ranging from the rare Lisitsin and the neglected Blumenfeld, to the popular Milner-Barry and the fashionable Gajewski – where one side is poised to deliver the final blow.

Studying typical tactics is one of the best ways to get to know an opening: you will discover the traps and the pitfalls, develop both a sense of danger and a feel for opportunities, and learn to stay always on the alert. In The Gambit Files, the author surveys the common tactical motifs for each variation, and then inivites you to hone your cut-and-thrust skills with thematic puzzles.

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your current openings or to overhaul your repertoire, The Gambit Files will help you to slay your opponents faster and with confidence.

Bill Harvey - Author

A veteran of hundreds of tournaments in online, postal and over-the-board competition, Bill Harvey has taught chess in schools for a dozen years in the Washington, D.C. area, and edited two chess puzzle columns.

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Contents: 5 Introduction; 7 Chapter 1. The Lisitsin Gambit (A04); 9 Puzzles; 13 Chapter 2. Scandinavian Defense – Portuguese Gambit (B01); 18 Puzzles; 24 Chapter 3. Caro-Kann Fantasy Variation (B12); 31 Puzzles; 33 Chapter 4. The Wing Gambit (B20); 37 Puzzles; 40 Chapter 5. Grand Prix Attack – Tal Gambit (B21); 43 Puzzles; 45 Chapter 6. French Defense – Milner-Barry Attack (C02); 048 Puzzles; 52 Chapter 7. The Rosentreter Gambit (C37); 55 Puzzles; 56 Chapter 8. Petroff’s Defense – Cochrane’s Gambit (C42); 58 Puzzles; 59 Chapter 9. The Scotch Gambit (C44); 65 Puzzles; 67 Chapter 10. Ruy López – Gajewski Gambit (C96); 71 Puzzles; 73 Chapter 11. The Albin Countergambit (D08); 77 Puzzles; 83 Chapter 12. The Winawer Countergambit (D10); 85 Puzzles; 88 Chapter 13. The Geller Gambit (D15); 91 Puzzles; 95 Chapter 14. The Blumenfeld Gambit (E10); 99 Puzzles; 102 Chapter 15. Queen’s Indian Defense – Polugaevsky Variation (E17); 105 Puzzles; 108 Solutions.
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