The Zukertort System: A Guide for White and Black - Grigory Bogdanovich

Back to the future! Far from a dusty relic once played by great masters such as Rubinstein, Pillsbury, and Bogolyubov, the Zukertort System now enjoys new life. Modern world-class players such as Artur Yusupov, Teimour Radjabov, and Lázaro Bruzón have come to appreciate the Zukertort’s rich potential and play it with confidence against strong opposition. The Zukertort System is a fully viable, dynamic 21st-century opening.

Often considered a variation of the better-known Colle System, the Zukertort stands proudly on its own, offering White chances to launch a sharp kingside attack or to work up a slow squeeze on the queenside. In this monograph by Zukertort practitioner IM Grigory Bogdanovich, players of the white pieces will discover how to build on the assets of their position, while players of Black will learn how to defend their territory. All along, the reader is treated to a positional manual on fundamental themes such as hanging pawns, the isolated queen’s pawn, and sacrifices to open lines for attack.

Grigory Bogdanovich - Author

Zukertort System expert Grigory Bogdanovich is an International Master and professional chess coach from Russia, based in Germany. He is the author of Play 2…Nf6! in the Sicilian (2009).

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Contents: Introduction by Artur Yusupov 7; Foreword 9; The Subject of Our Serious Study 15; PART I: Play for White; CHAPTER 1: A Piece Attack 21; A The Black Monarch’s Residence on the Kingside 21; B The Black King on the Run 36; CHAPTER 2: Opening Up the a1-h8 Diagonal 39; CHAPTER 3: Transforming the Pillsbury Formation; The Marshall Plan 52; CHAPTER 4: A “Psychological” Attack by White’s Kingside Pawns 66; CHAPTER 5: Play with Hanging c- and d-Pawns 80;A White Has Hanging c- and d-Pawns 81; B Black Has Hanging c- and d-Pawns 104; CHAPTER 6: Play with an Isolated d-Pawn 110; A White Has an Isolated d-pawn 110; B Black Has an Isolated d-pawn 118; CHAPTER 7: A “Repulsive” Queenside Pawn Majority 124; CHAPTER 8: A Position “Suffocated at a Distance” 140;CHAPTER 9: White’s Plan with e3-e4 143; PART II: Play for Black; CHAPTER 1: The Bishop Hunt 155; CHAPTER 2: “Hooray for Being Primitive!” 160; CHAPTER 3: An “Aggressive Defense” for Black on the Kingside 164; CHAPTER 4: Is it Possible to Perplex White with Ib6? 176; CHAPTER 5: And the Little Kid Asked: “Check on a5 – Good or Bad?” 179; CHAPTER 6: Black’s Counterplay with a Queenside Pawn Advance 186; CHAPTER 7: Half a Kingdom for a Horse on e4! 201; CHAPTER 8: Following Capablanca’s Recipe 226; CHAPTER 9: “A Fruitful Opening Idea” – Black’s Main Argument 243; CHAPTER 10: Black Builds a “Cabin” 258; CHAPTER 11: “Reviving” the Light-Squared Bishop with the Schlechter-Lasker Method 266; CHAPTER 12: A Delicate Question: Who Benefits from an Early Pawn Trade on d4? 272; CHAPTER 13: The “Exchange Square” on е5 282; CHAPTER 14: Is the …Nс6-b4 Maneuver Really So Dangerous for White? 294; SUPPLEMENTARY GAMES 300; Afterword 336; Tactical Methods and Strategic Themes 338; Bibliography 340.
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