1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate - Fred Reinfeld

Ask most chessplayers from the “baby boomer” generation how they acquired and sharpened their tactical skills, and chances are a Fred Reinfeld tactics collection will be part of their answer. And now, for the first time, 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate is available in modern algebraic notation.

This may be the all-time great checkmate collection, with forced checkmate positions culled mainly from actual play. And Reinfeld's selection is simply marvelous, touching on all the important tactical themes.

In short, this is an outstanding book to hone your tactical abilities. It will help you recognize mating patterns, develop visualization skills, enhance imagination, and improve tactical sharpness. And now, with a modern 21st-century edition of this great checkmate collection finally available, there is no excuse for not only improving your tactical skills, but also enjoying yourself along the way.

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€ 19,95
Contents:4 Preface by Don and Judith Reinfeld; 5 Editor's Introduction by Bruce Alberston; 7 Chess Notation; 9 1. Queen Sacrifices; 6 2. Checkmate Without the Queen; 82 3. Storming the Castled Position; 119 4. Harrying the King; 149 5. Discovered Check and Double Check; 165 6. Pawn Promotion; 167 7. A Variety of Motifs; 171 8. Composed Problems; 184 Solutions.
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