1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations - Fred Reinfeld

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combination is the companion volume to Reinfeld's 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. Of course each book can be taken on its own, but together they make a wonderful collection, and cover the full range of tactical chess. And they are now both available in 21st-century editions, using modern algebraic notation.

Reinfeld has arranged his quiz positions so that they fall into orderly chapters, each with a common theme. Still, the degree of difficulty varies widely. Easiest are one move shots, suitable for players starting out. Most difficult are the examples that run seven moves and more; some of these may even stump an ordinary master.

Most of all, this a book of combinative ideas, all designed to enhance your arsenal of weapons. The first step toward mastery is to become familiar with the different types of tactical motifs. The second step is to study a great many examples of these tactical themes. So, the object of this book is to add to your knowledge, to make you a strong chessplayer, and (last but not least) to delight you with some of the most beautiful moves ever played on the chessboard.

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Contents:4 Editor's Introduction by Bruce Alberston; 5 Preface by Don and Judith Reinfeld; 6 Introduction - Sacrifices and Combinations; 7 1. Pinning; 26 2. Knight Forks; 39 3. Double Attacks; 59 4. Discovered Attacks; 69 5. Discovered Checks; 78 6. Double Checks; 83 7. The Overworked Piece; 93 8. Removing the Guard; 106 9. Clearance; 113 10. Interference; 121 11. Queening Combinations; 129 12. The Vulnerable First Rank; 136 13. Queen Sacrifices; 146 14. X-Ray Attacks; 151 15. Surprise Moves; 158 16. Defensive Combinations; 164 17. Trapped Man; 167 18. Zugzwang; 170 19. The Helpless king; 177 20. The Weakened Castle Positions; 194 21. Solutions.
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