Antique 1920s Chess Clock by the Hamburg American Clock Company

A fully working and original HAU Chess Clock housed in an oak case, from the Hamburg American Chess Company. The clock was sold in the Netherlands as an own branded clock. Therefore the HAU logo of the Crossed Arrows is not on the dials. Around 1920 this was by far the most valued chess clock. The clock has second/minute hands, a pause button in the middle, two flags and two player buttons. Setting the trend how the better chess clocks should look like. The clock has a good old-fashioned clockwork tick. The clock nicely compliments a good antique chess playing set.

Hamburg-Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik (HAU = Hamburg-American clock factory)

Paul Landenberger started as a bookkeeper at the Junghans clock factory in Schramberg, Germany, in 1869. He quickly advanced to a leading executive position and married Frida Junghans, daughter of company founder Erhard Junghans, in 1872. He demanded a position on the board of directors, but this was refused, so Landenberger left the company in anger. In 1875, together with his partner, Philipp Lang, he founded the Landenberger & Lang clock factory which went bankrupt in 1883.
Landberger attracted new investors and the company was re-named to Hamburg-Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik (Hamburg-American clock factory). "Hamburg" appeared in the name, because the investor coming from Hamburg and "Amerikanische" was connected to the "new" American production methods. The main company logo of HAU was the "Pfeilkreuz" (Crossed Arrows) mark, registered in 1891.

Competition, especially with Junghans, was fierce, but HAU managed to flourish. In 1925 HAU had 2200 employees and exported world-wide its clock works. By the 1927 HAU , Junghans and Gustav Becker were forced to merge because of dropping sales figures and economic depression. In 1930 Junghans was able to take over both companies completely.

HAU produced chess clocks in oak housing in large numbers. HAU chess clocks can be recognized by the Crossed Arrows logo on the dial. Many companies also re-branded the HAU chess clocks like Jaques in England, or used the inner clock works like Tanner.

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€ 299,99
  • Age probably twenties
  • Condition good.
  • Origin probably Netherlands and manufactured in Schramberg Germany.
  • Materal: oak casing
  • Style HAU chess clock


  • No defects detected
  • No wear detected
  • No original workmenship defects detected
  • Disclaimer: Please note that there can be oversights or differences in interpretation about the pieces condition.
  • Disclaimer: Original workmanship or material imperfections can exist.
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