Back to Basics: Tactics - Heisman, Dan

Tactics are usually why most people find chess fun! This book will greatly enhance your enjoyment learning about – and benefiting from – the recurring patterns of tactics. In chess, if you lose all your pieces you can’t win! And if you capture each of your opponent’s pieces, winning should be easy. Even if you just get ahead by a small amount of material, your chances of winning soar. The way to win your opponent’s pieces is through the use of tactics. This book is about all types of beginning tactics. The author covers comprehensively the subject with basic instructional material, examples, and problems of all types – about 500 examples and problems ranging from too easy to very difficult! Back to Basics: Tactics – the first in the ChessCafe Back to Basics Chess Series – should enhance your enjoyment in learning about – and benefiting from – the recurring patterns of tactics.

It does not matter who gets the advantage out of the opening if one of the players is likely to lose a piece to a simple tactic in the middlegame. Losing a piece from an advantageous position will almost always result in a lost position. So study tactics, not openings, until you almost never lose pieces to simple tactical motifs.

This book is an introduction to the various kinds of basic chess tactics. With instructional material, examples, and problems of all types, the subject of chess tactics is covered comprehensively. There are approximately 500 examples ranging from easy to challenging!

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Contents: 5 Introduction; 10 How to Use This Book; 11 Acknowledgements; 12 Safety and Counting; 33 Counting Problems; 37 Solutions to Counting Problems; 38 Tactical Motifs; 38 2.1 Trapped Pieces; 40 Trapped Piece Problems; 46 Solutions to Trapped Piece Problems; 47 2.2 Pins; 50 Pin Problems; 56 Solutions to Pin Problems; 58 2.3 Skewers; 61 Skewer Problems; 63 Solutions to Skewer Problems; 63 2.4 Double Threats; 65 Double Threat Problems; 68 Solutions to Double Threat Problems; 68 2.5 Double Attacks; 70 Double Attack Problems; 74 Solutions to Double Attack Problems; 75 2.6 Knight and Pawn Forks; 77 Knight and Pawn Fork Problems; 80 Solutions to Knight and Pawn Fork Problems; 82 2.7 Removal of the Guard; 85 Removal of the Guard Problems; 94 Solutions to Removal of the Guard Problems; 96 2.8 Discovered Attack and Discovered Check; 98 Discovered Attack and Discovered Check Problems; 105 Solutions to Discovered Attack and Discovered Check Problems; 106 2.9 Promotion and Underpromotion; 110 Promotion and Underpromotion Problems; 112 Solutions to Promotion and Underpromotion Problems; 113 2.10 Other Tactical Motifs; 115 Miscellaneous Problems; 117 Solutions to Miscellaneous Problems; 118 Checkmates; 118 3.1 Basic Endgame Checkmate Patterns; 122 3.2 Basic Checkmate Patterns; 127 Checkmate Problems; 134 Solutions to Checkmate Problems; 135 Opening Sequences; 144 Defensive Tactics; 145 Defensive Problems; 151 Solutions to Defensive Problems; 153 78 Problems on 64 Squares; 166 Solutions to 78 Problems on 64 Squares; 172 The Seeds of Tactical Destruction; 183 Is There a Win?; 186 Solutions to "Is There a Win?" Problems; 189 Appendix A The Five Levels of Tactics; 190 Appendix B Chess Guidelines.
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