Battle with the Berlin Defense – GM Leonid Kritz

This chess DVD is an in-depth analysis of the Berlin Wall opening. It starts with some side variations and moves chapter by chapter towards the main position of the opening – the Berlin Endgame. While working on this DVD, my intention was not only to provide the listeners with detailed variations, but also to help them achieve deeper positional comprehension about how to play this unique type of opening struggle. Ideas and strategic understanding matter much more in the Berlin Endgame than learning variations by heart. However, as in every modern opening nowadays, there are lines that must be learnt and there are single moves that must be known before you start employing the Berlin Defense in practical tournament games. Such lines are highlighted throughout the DVD, and particularly important moments are especially emphasized. When you study the material presented here, you should try to find the golden middle between the amount of moves you memorize, and the level of positional understanding you achieve. I wish you good luck in your own games by applying what you learn about the Berlin Defense in this chess DVD.
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Chapter Outline: 1. – Introduction; 2. - 4.d3-Qe2-Nc3; 3. – 4.d4; 4. – 5.Re1; 5. – 6.Ba4; 6. - 6.dxe5-6.Bg5; 7. – 6.dxe5 Continued; 8. – 9.Rd1-9.Nc3-11.Bg5-Nge4; 9 - 9.Nc3 Continued; 10. 9.g4 Main Line.
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