Chess clock and game timer DGT 3000

The DGT 3000 is the golden standard for tournament use and blitz chess. The DGT 3000 is based on the DGT XL, but has many new and improved features:
- Extra info in a larger display.
- Seconds are shown from the start.
- Larger display with more information.
- 25 pre-set timing systems.
- 5 slots for customized settings.
- 5 year warranty!

The DGT 3000 has the ability of dividing the thinking time between two players in any combination of known methods. What’s more the DGT 3000 can be connected to the DGT e-Board. With the connection the timer can send the displayed times to a central tournament system, but it can also be used as a display to show the moves and times when a DGT e-Board is used to play against a computer or opponent over the internet.

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The game timer and chess clock DGT 3000 features the following types of time controls: Time control methods: (option 1-5) Single time control settings; (option 6-9) Multiple time control settings; (option 10-14) Fischer Bonus; (option 15-18; 22-24) Bronstein and US Delay; (option 19) Canadian Byo-yomi; (option 20) Byo-yomi; (option 21) Upcount / Scrabble; (option 25) Computer/Internet use; (option 26-30) Manual Set. Move-counter for all options * Time and move counter correction option during a game * Optional sound alert to warn for running out of time * Energy efficcient * Low battery indication. The DGT 3000 is packed in a photo cardboard box.
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Afmetingen Batteries: 2 AA (penlight) batteries. Alkaline batteries are recommended. Power usage: When the DGT 3000 is switched off, the batteries will last for approximately 5 years. It is recommended to replace the batteries sooner though. In normal use the batteries will last for about 10000 hours. When the clock is connected to a DGT e-Board the batteries can power the clock for about 2000 hours. Accuracy: Better than 1 second per hour. Housing: ABS plastic. Display: 3.5 x 13 cm. Weight: 270 gram including 2 AA batteries.
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Gebruik The game timer and chess clock DGT 3000 is the golden standard for tournament use and blitz chess and draughts. The DGT 3000 Digital Game Timer has been designed to be used as a game clock for various two-person board games, including Chess, Draughts, Go and Scrabble. The game timer contains all features needed to meet the official tournament game time standards.
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