Chess Mazes - Alberston

The planning and visualization skills that come from working on Chess Mazes are valuable and instructive. If you are one who often loses games by hanging pieces or missing mates, then this is the book for you.

"There are many good books which present chess combinations and explain tactical motifs with the goal of training your tactical ability. Thinking techniques are also well covered in the game’s literature. But what about visualization? This is where it is much more difficult to find good material. But now, Bruce Alberston’s highly original work fills this gap.

"To master his puzzles, you have to exert better control and command of the full potential of all the pieces and you have to visualize their movements in your mind’s eye. This sounds more difficult than it is, but in fact only one piece moves in each maze. The result? Excellent training to avoid one-move blunders!" – From the Foreword by German GM Karsten Müller

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Contents: 2 Foreword; 3 Introduction; Chapter One; 11 Bishop, Rook, and Knight Mazes; 17 Bishop Mazes — Problems 1-34; 23 Rook Mazes — Problems 35-68; 29 Knight Mazes — Problems 69-102; Chapter Two; 35 Queen, Pawn, and King Mazes; 44 Queen Mazes — Problems 103-136; 50 Pawn Mazes — Problems 137-170; 55 King Mazes — Problems 171-204; Solutions to Chess Mazes; 62 Bishop Mazes — Problems 1-34; 73 Rook Mazes — Problems 35-68; 85 Knight Mazes — Problems 69-102; 96 Queen Mazes — Problems 103-136; 108 Pawn Mazes — Problems 137-170; 122 King Mazes — Problems 171-204; 136 Appendix.
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