Common Positional Play 1 - Johan Krajenbrink

A short passage from the introduction of Common positional play 1:

“Common positional play with common themes which pre-eminently suit to common players. For a
long time I gave this book the title Nothing the matter in my head, because it often are positions that
seem quite ordinary, positions in which not a lot seems to happen. What in fact is the matter? But in
the end I believe that Common positional play 1 is a better title. All those diagrams I collected, over all
those years, are about the common positional play of the ordinary player. And I don ́t mean this in a
patronising way, why would I? It ́s the common positional play that almost doesn ́t stand out. It ́s the
common positional play in all those common games that doesn ́t stand out, and therefore did not
appear or hardly appeared in all those draughts textbooks. Looking at all those diagrams which I
collected over so many years, I believe this to be the base for the common draughts player. Those are
the themes which the common player can learn from. Those are the themes which the common player
runs into, again and again.”

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