Common Positional Play 8

Peter Kort is a beautiful example for everyone: how you can purposefully be engaged in draughts. He is a beautiful example for everyone: how you can systematically study draughts. He is a beautiful example for everyone: how you can develop your results, your rating and especially your understanding of draughts and even at a somewhat later age. But only if you do it well. Peter has (for example!) purposefully worked on one remarkable system: he mapped the fitting openings, he mapped the combinations, most importantly he mapped the (sequel) systems. For this book I used over 150 games that he played with this system. There will surely be over 200 games by the time this book is published. Of course this approach is very promising, because Peter recognises the openings, the combinations and the directions. As he has approached it so systematically and has played it so often: I would like to call his system SYSTEM KORT. We will see that it also is a STARTING SYSTEM to come to all sorts of other systems. And that is also how SYSTEM KORT is explicitly intended: it is one with the systems that could follow. That is why you learn about different systems in this part.
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Common Positional Play 8
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