Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 1 by Lev Alburt, Roman Pelts

In easy-to-use workbook format, Volume 1 takes a reader with no knowledge of chess to being a real chess player in 12 lessons. It's ideal for theachers, being used in numerous scholastic programs, but also highly effective as self-in-struction. Teaches the terrain of the board, how to set up the pieces and all special rules, how each piece moves, the relative value of the pieces, how to read and write chess notation and how to begin a chess game. The final Chapter provides 20 self-tests that review and lock in wha's been learned. Table of Contents, Volume I: Introduction; Lesson 1: The chessboard and the starting position; How pawns move and capture; Lesson 2: Chess notation; Lesson 3: How the Rook and Bishop move and capture. The center; Lesson 4: How the Queen and Knight move and capture; Lesson 5: How the King moves and captures. Check. Checkmate; Lesson 6: En passant pawn captures; Lesson 7: Castling; Lesson 8: Relative values of the chess forces; Lesson 9: How games are drawn; Lesson 10: How to record moves; Lesson 11: How to open a chess game; Lesson 12: Tests
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