Comprehensive Chess Course Volume II by Lev Alburt, Roman Pelts

The work adopts methods of teaching prevalent in the Soviet Union and Europe, and rather badly needed in this country as an alternative to the catch-as-catch-can way of learning that is prevalent here. Table of Contents, Volume II: Lesson 1: The Rules of Play; Lesson 2: Attack and Defense, Trades; Lesson 3: How to Start a Game, Mating with a Queen and Rook in the Endgame; Lesson 4: Mistakes in the Opening; Lesson 5: Opening Traps; Lesson 6: The Concept of Planning; Lesson 7: Tactics, Double Attack, Pawn Endgames; Lesson 8: Pinning, Endgames with King and two pawns versus King; Lesson 9: The Skewer; Lesson 10: Typical Mating Combinations; Lesson 11: Typical Mating Combinations (continued); Lesson 12: Tests, Afterword.
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