Crushing White – The Nimzo-Indian Defense – GM Damien Lemos

The Nimzo-Indian Defense is an incredibly effective weapon for black against 1. d4, typically generating double-edged positions very early in the opening. This chess DVD will teach you the basic principles of the Nimzo-Indian Defense, placing special emphasis on recurring tactical and positional concepts to ensure your preparation is complete. After providing a general overview of the main ideas in the Nimzo-Indian Defense, GM Damian Lemos goes on to recommend his preferred responses in each of the main lines and sidelines by delving into his deep experience of playing the Nimzo-Indian at the Grandmaster level. Presenter FM Will Stewart assists by clarifying key points and breaking down critical concepts in the DVD for beginner and intermediate audiences. ¨Crushing White – The Nimzo-Indian Defense¨ features over 2 hours of high-quality chess content that is guaranteed to provide you with an aggressive opening system for black against 1. d4.
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Chapter 1 – Detailed Introduction
Chapter 2 – Capablanca Variation with 4. Qc2
Chapter 3 – Rubinstein Variation with 4. e3
Chapter 4 – Sidelines (4. f3, Bg5, g3, Qb3)

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VideopresentatorDamien Lemos
Levertijd2 - 3 dagen
VerpakkingKartonnen doos
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