DGT e-Board Bluetooth Walnoot/Esdoorn

The DGT Bluetooth e-Board connects to the PC using Bluetooth technology. This wireless Bluetooth e-Board is available in Rosewood only and has indices around the edge of the board. Choose any of the five available electronic DGT chess pieces sets to play.

The plug & play electronic DGT chess board brings you the best of two worlds. The classical game of chess on a traditional wooden board finally merged with 21st century computer and internet technology.

With the DGT e-Board you can play online at internet chess sites like PlayChess, Chess 21 and ICC. The ingenious e-Board acts as input device for all major playing programs and chess engines.

The DGT e-Board is the ultimate chess-PC interface and a typical DGT product: innovative and designed for the true chess lover. It adds a new dimension to your chess fun. High quality and value for money.

The DGT chess pieces and DGT Timer XL belong to this board, but have to be ordered separately.

Op voorraad
€ 395,00
The Bluetooth e-Board is supplied in a sturdy and practical giftbox and comes with a special edition of the famous Fritz chessplaying program and 100 days free access at PlayChess.com.
Meer informatie
Materiaal stukkenSchaakstukken niet inbegrepen
Materiaal bordWalnoot - esdoorn
Materiaal overig-
Dimensies⊞ ≈ 54 x 54 x 2,0 cm; ☐ ≈ 55 mm
Combineert met#6 ≈ 95 mm koningshoogte schaakstukken
Levertijdtot 1 week
VerpakkingFoto display doos
Kwaliteitsmerk CE speelgoedn.v.t.
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Retour beleidn.v.t.
Product statusNieuw
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