Endgame Workshop - Bruce Pandolfini

In Endgame Workshop, popular chess author Bruce Pandolfini explores all the important topics typically covered in most endgame treatises, but does so differently. To be sure, he follows the format usually employed in his own lessons, treating ideas across the board as they seem to apply. However, this book is designed to give the reader maximum comprehension of this critical phase of the game in an easy-to-follow presentation. Basic concepts such as elementary mates, the opposition, critical squares, pawn promotion and much more are presented in Bruce’s clear, easy-to-understand style. Endgame Workshop will help you score more wins in the endgame!

Tested in thousands of actual private and classroom settings, Endgame Workshop is a fresh take on both reliably older concepts and cutting-edge new ones. In conversational ease, it instills insights for experienced players to firm up their grasp of fundamentals while enabling newcomers to overcome their endgame fears with the sangfroid of battle-ready veterans.

Chess Master Bruce Pandolfini has been one of the most popular chess writers in the world for more than four decades. He has written on all aspects of the game and is also considered one of the premier chess instructors in the United States.

"Pandolfini sums up the nature of his book best when he writes, 'This is not an exhaustive textbook. But it does contain many useful practical ideas that amateur players can exploit to win and save games. Sometimes analysis is simply too difficult, and ordinary players can easily wind up getting lost in a maze of variations.'

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Contents: 4 Introduction; 7 Lesson 1: Opposition; 18 Lesson 2: Queen; 28 Lesson 3: Queen and rook; 36 Lesson 4: Rook; 41 Lesson 5: Two bishops; 48 Lesson 6: Bishop and knight; 56 Lesson 7: Minor pieces; 63 Lesson 8: Corners; 67 Lesson 9: Queen vs. rook; 75 Lesson 10: The Exchange; 81 Lesson 11: Rook and minor piece vs. rook; 88 Lesson 12: Major piece tandems; 97 Lesson 13: Pawn endings; 105 Lesson 14: More opposition; 113 Lesson 15: Critical squares; 118 Lesson 16: Outside critical square; 124 Lesson 17: Minor pieces and pawns; 139 Lesson 18: Quadrangle of the pawn; 148 Lesson 19: Outflanking; 153 Lesson 20: More complex outflanking; 158 Lesson 21: Corresponding squares; 169 Lesson 22: Outside passed pawn; 177 Lesson 23: Diagonal king moves; 182 Lesson 24: Queen against pawns; 187 Lesson 25: Rook against pawns; 194 Lesson 26: Minor pieces against pawns; 203 Lesson 27: Minor pieces and pawn vs. minor pieces; 210 Lesson 28: More minor pieces and pawns; 218 Lesson 29: Rook tricks; 231 Lesson 30: Various matters; 243 Solutions to Practice Positions; 244 Appendix: Concept index.
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