Finding Bobby Fischer - Chess Interviews - Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam

Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam  has made a wondeful collection of interviews with the greatest chess players you can imagine. One of the interviews was his remarkable interview with chess legend Bobby Fischer. This unique collection of chess interviews were first published in the New in Chess Magazine between 1986 and 1992

Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam is editor-in-chief of New In Chess, the chess magazine with readers in 116 countries. He is the author of Linares! Linares! and The Day Kasparov Quit.

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Foreword Garry Kasparov 8

Bibles of the Best 10

Dr. Meindert Niemeijer 13 ‘Your foremost urge should be love for the book’

Tim Krabbé 21 The King of Chess Curiosities

Garry Kasparov 31 ‘The duty of a World Champion is not only to play games, but also to explain to the public why he is winning’

Lev Polugaevsky 36 ‘Ninety per cent of all chess books you can open at page one and then immediately close again for ever’

Mikhail Botvinnik 40 ‘This may not sound modest, but the first three volumes of my collected games are required reading’

Anatoly Karpov 47 ‘I think that the quality of chess books was much better in former times’

Jan Timman 54 ‘Kasparov’s books are the best, as far as high level analyses are concerned’ Memorable Moments 59

Viktor Kortchnoi 61 ‘I have a very high opinion of the new Soviet leadership’

Vlastimil Hort 75 ‘Sometimes when I am sad I go out and buy a Rudé Pravo’

Boris Spassky 83 ‘I like to play with the hands’

Svetozar Gligoric 91 ‘Everybody is for Yugoslavia’

Lajos Portisch 103 ‘I always had to pay a heavy price when I didn’t follow my principles’

Miguel Najdorf 115 ‘Do you want to hear a beautiful story?’

Bent Larsen 124 ‘To win is the main thing’

Vassily Smyslov 140 ‘Intuition is much more important than knowledge’

Karpov-Kasparov 152

Anatoly Karpov 154 The Collector

Garry Kasparov 160 ‘I guess that I am continuing Fischer’s fight’

Garry Kasparov 175 ‘Something strange is happening in chess’

Garry Kasparov 185 ‘I’m not going to compromise’

Anatoly Karpov 190 ‘Kasparov , Short and Keene , a nice company’

Garry Kasparov 200 ‘I don’t think that a match between me and Karpov is of any interest’

Anatoly Karpov 209 ‘Now I can say that I am the best player of the moment’

Young and Challenging 218

Vladimir Kramnik 220 ‘In chess the most important thing is having energy’

Viswanathan Anand 230 ‘They say the Emperor is in Beijing. But there are mountains’

The Queens of Chess 243

Xie Jun 246 ‘You may think the sky is high, but there is always something higher than the sky’

Judit Polgar 257 ‘I sort of feel that I make some people happy and that’s a nice feeling’

Finding Bobby Fischer 269

Bobby Fischer 271 ‘I’m not going to give you an interview’

Garry Kasparov 280 ‘It’s just very sad that such a great player is living in such mental misery’

Name Index 283

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