French Defense: The Solid Rubinstein Variation - Hannes Langrock

The solid Rubinstein Variation of the French Defense – despite its having been played by world champions and elite grandmasters, it has never been subjected to detailed study. The author, German International Master Hannes Langrock, has produced a book with complete coverage of this line, along with solid recommendations for Black should White deviate on the second or third move.

From International Master John Watson's Foreword: "I never realized that Black could take such active measures in the Rubinstein Variation without significant drawbacks. This book is an eye-opener, and even top grandmasters might find that they have underestimated Black’s resources in important positions…The average tournament and online player will appreciate Langrock’s straightforward, no-nonsense style. He keeps the complexity of the analysis within bounds, and highlights relevant details without drifting into obscure page-long analytical byways. General themes are clearly presented within the context of illustrative games…The result is a book that covers a broad swath of material in a modest number of pages. I’m sure that you will be well-rewarded for its study, and come out with a useful new weapon in your chess arsenal."

About the Author:

Hannes Langrock is a German International Master living in Hamburg. He has played the Morra Gambit successfully against both grandmasters and international masters. He has been a regular contributor to ChessBase and co-author, with Karsten Mueller and Matthias Wahls, of The Modern Scandinavian. In 2002, he was the winner of the German Individual Cup.

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Contents: 5 Bibliography; 6 Signs and Symbols; 7 Foreword by John Watson; 9 Introduction; 16 Chapter 1: A Natural and Popular Line; 21 Chapter 2: Kasparov’s 7.c3; 35 Chapter 3: Other Seventh-move Options; 47 Chapter 4: White Maintains the Pin with 8.Bh4; 64 Chapter 5: White Relinquishes the Pin – 8.Bxf6 and 8.Be3; 73 Chapter 6: Khalifman’s Recommendation: 5.Nf3 Ngf6 6.Bd3; 84 Chapter 7: White’s Idea of Castling Queenside; 92 Chapter 8: Fianchetto Systems; 99 Chapter 9: Other Lines; 107 Chapter 10: French Advance 4.c3; 126 Chapter 11: French Advance: White Does Not Play 4.c3; 139 Chapter 12: King’s Indian Attack and Chigorin’s 2.Qe2; 165 Chapter 13: The Exchange Variation; 179 Chapter 14: Sidelines; 202 Index of Variations.
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