Spelklok / schaakklok DGT Noord Amerika

All purpose game timer (chess clock) and normally the best choice in North America, suitable for heavy work like tournaments. Not compatible with DGT e-board, this is only needed when live broadcasting games over the internet see DGT XL Red or Beige. The DGT North America has a blinded delay function as is normal in North American tournaments and is missing the delay or Bronstein delay settings of the DGT 2010. In Europe a common tournament setting is Fischer Bonus time, which is possible on the DGT North America.
Op voorraad
€ 49,50
The DGT North America features the following types of time controls: (1) Time Rapid and Blitz (2) Time + Guillotine (3) 2 x Time + Guillotine (4) Time + Repeating Time (5) Bonus (Fischer) (6) Delay North American Style. The DGT North American includes: Move-counter for all options * Time and move counter correction option during a game * Optional sound alert to warn for running out of time * Energy efficcient * Low battery indication. The DGT North American comes with two AA 2 AA Alkaline batteries. The DGT North American is packed in a photo cardboard box.
Meer informatie
Materiaal overigABS plastic
Dimensies195 x 105 x 60 mm
Levertijd1 - 2 dagen
VerpakkingFoto display doos
Kwaliteitsmerk CE speelgoedn.v.t.
Zending beperkingn.v.t.
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