Grandmaster Repertoire 1A - The Catalan (2nd extended edition) - Boris Avrukh

When Boris Avrukh released the first volume of his 1.d4 repertoire in 2008, it revolutionized chess opening books. As GM Michael Adams said: “The high-quality Grandmaster Repertoire series has taken this format to a completely different level.” Or as GM Glenn Flear put it: “This book represents nothing short of a technological advance in chess opening theory.”

Now Avrukh is back with an expanded, updated and revamped 1.d4 repertoire.Volume 1A deals primarily with the Catalan, which is an Avrukh speciality. In GM Simen Agdestein’s words: “It’s in Avrukh has become a standard comment for those trying to understand this opening.”

This volume covers the position after the opening moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3, concentrating on the Catalan which arises after 3...d5, while also dealing with the Bogo-Indian with 3...Bb4†, and Benoni systems after 3...c5.

Boris Avrukh is a grandmaster from Israel. He is an Olympiad gold medallist, former World Junior Champion and analysis partner of World Championship finalists.

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003 Preface; 006 Key to symbols used & Bibliography; Catalan: 007 1) Introduction; Catalan 4...dxc4; 024 2) 5...Bd7; 034 3) 5...c6; 051 4) 5...Bb4+; 063 5) 5...Nbd7; 073 6) Introduction to 5...c5; 087 7) 5...c5, 6...Nc6 and 7...Bd7; 112 8) 5...a6 and 6...b5; 126 9) 5...b5; 134 10) 5...a6 and 6...Nc6; 146 11) 5...Nc6; Catalan 4...Bb4+: 169 12) Various 5th Moves; 180 13) Introduction to 5...Be7; 196 14) 5...Be7; Catalan 4...Be7: 228 15) Closed System; 252 16) 6...dxc4; Bogo-Indian: 284 17) 4...Be7 and 4...c5; 295 18) 4...Bxd2+; 303 19) 4...a5; 314 20) 4...Qe7 5.Nf3 - Various 5th Moves; 336 21) 4...Qe7 5.Nf3 Nc6; Odd Benonis: 362 22) Catalan Benoni; 376 23) Snake Benoni; Modern Benoni: 382 24) Introduction; 399 25) 9...Re8; 426 Variation Index.
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