How to Be a Winner at Chess: The Essence of Good Chess - Fred Reinfeld

The incomparable Fred Reinfeld is back in print! This new 21st-century edition is presented in modern algebraic notation in a double-column format, with more diagrams and a refresher course for beginners.

How to be a Winner at Chess is among the very best introductory chess books ever produced, bar none. In it, Reinfeld manages to capture the essence of good chess in a most readable, enjoyable, easy-to-grasp format.

How to be a Winner at Chess is designed for the average player who knows the moves and rules but not much more. Warning! – you have to be able to read! Let Fred Reinfeld, the master wordsmith and instructor take you to the next level – in short turn you into a winner.

About the Author
Fred Reinfeld (1910-1964) was for many years among the strongest chess players in the country. Even now as an author, he stands alone, the most successful and prolific chess writer of all time, with over one hundred books to his credit.

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Table of Contents

007 Preface

008 Foreword

010 Editor 's Introduction

013 Introduction

014 Chapter 1. Haw ta End 1t All

014 Checkmating

014 Three Tests for Checkmate

016 Checkmate

017 More Checkmates

020 Chapter 2. Dan t Give Up the Ship

020 Resigning

020 When to Resign

021 When Not to Resign

021 Ripe for Resigning

023 Chapter 3. What's 1t Warth?

023 The Values of the Pieces

023 Even Exchanges

024 Relative Values

025 Cruising Range

026 The "Lowly" Pawn

026 More Comparative Va lues

026 Bishop vs. Knight

028 Winning Material

030 Chapter 4. The Three Strongest Moves

030 1. Checks

030 Priority of Check

031 Forking Check

032 Removing the Defender

034 The "Discovered" Check

035 Double Check

037 Chapter 5. The Three Strongest Moves

037 2. Capturing Threats

037 How to Win Material

038 Removing the Defender

043 The "Double Attack"

045 Pinning Attacks

047 Chapter 6. The Three Strongest Moves

047 3. Pawn Promotion

047 The Power of Pawn Promotion

047 A Pawn Gives Checkmate!

048 Promotion by Capture

049 Remove the Blockader!

050 How Pawn Promotion Wins Material

051 Watch for Passed Pawns

052 Pawn Promotion Wins Many aGame

053 Looking Ahead

054 Chapter 7. "How Do 1 Get Started? "

054 Five Rules for Opening Play

054 Simple Plans Are Best

054 Five Basic Rules

055 Control the Center

056 Develop Quickly

058 Develop Effectively

059 Protect Your King

061 Avoid Premature Queen Moves

062 Summary

062 Chapter 8. "What Do 1 Do Now?"

062 Two Basic Rules for the Middlegame

062 Give Your Pieces Mobility

065 Make Your Piece Cooperate

069 Chapter. The Endgame Is the Payoff

069 Five Basic Rules for Endgame Play

069 Know the Elementary Checkmates

070 Have Your King Play an Active Role

072 Utilize Passed Pawns

073 Post Rooks on the Seventh Rank

074 Simplify When You Have a Material Advantage

077 Chapter 10. 'Tau Can t Move That Piece!"

077 Winning by Pinning

077 The Irritating Pin

078 How Pins Work

081 Double Play

083 Chapter 11. "Give Till It Huris!"

083 Winning by Sacrificing

083 How Sacrifices Work

085 Sacrificing the Queen

089 A Chess Refresher

089 The Basic Rules of Chess

089 How the Pieces Move

091 How the Pawn Moves

091 How the Pieces Capture

092 More ab out the Pawn

093 More about the King

094 How to Record Moves

096 Standard Chess Symbols

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