Key Elements of Chess Strategy

Georgy Lisitsin (1909-72) was a respected Soviet master, theoretician and writer. In 1958 he published a revised edition of his most ambitious work, entitled Strategy and Tactics of Chess, which became one of the most legendary manuals in the Soviet chess school, and no doubt one of the books that motivated the young Bobby Fischer to learn Russian. 

Lisitsin broke down Strategy and Tactics into their key constituent elements, enabling players of all levels to study chess systematically, learning from carefully selected game fragments and studies. Key Elements of Chess Strategy and its companion volume Key Elements of Chess Tactics are the first ever complete English translations of Lisitsin’s classic. 

In this volume, Lisitsin breaks down the Foundations of Strategy into categories such as piece placement, exchanges, weaknesses and prophylaxis, followed by a section on Devising a Strategic Plan, including concepts such as blockading, undermining, the initiative, pawn chains, and planning in the opening.


Georgy Lisitsin was a formidable player who thrice won the Leningrad Championship – an event which was stronger than many national championships. He qualified for the immensely strong Soviet Championship eleven times, once finishing in third place, behind the champion Botvinnik. When FIDE introduced the International Master title in 1950, Lisitsin was awarded it immediately.

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