Lasker's Manual of Chess - Emanuel Lasker

Lasker’s Manual of Chess is one of the greatest chess books ever written. The fact that it was first published almost 85 years ago has diminished neither its relevance nor significance in today’s modern chess world.

This new edition takes Lasker’s legendary classic and puts it in a form more congenial to 21st-century readers. What is different in this edition? The English version of the Manual had remained, even through numerous reprints, virtually unchanged since it first appeared almost 85 years ago. In this new edition figurine algebraic notation is used, now standard throughout most of the world, instead of descriptive notation. The chapter on descriptive has been replaced with one explaining algebraic. Some of Lasker’s more awkward or archaic wordings and grammar – English was not his first language – have been improved or modernized, though this has been done sparingly. Besides more diagrams (the old edition was woefully stingy with them), the main additional features here are:

Photos of Lasker and some of his major contemporaries.
“Lasker Lore” – brief notes highlighting important events in his career, and portraying something of the man and his era.
Computer-checked analysis. Virtually every move and position has been subjected to computer analysis. Even with so fine a chess mind as Lasker’s, the occasional mistake or improvement was found. For minor items, brief comments have been added in italics directly in the text. However, sometimes the new analysis required longer discussion, and sometimes even warranted revision of Lasker’s original text. To minimize disruptions, such notes have all been placed in an appendix at the back, the text to which they correspond being indicated by superscripted numbers within the main body of the book. In cases where the original text was changed, the endnote shows Lasker’s original analysis, and gives the reasons it was modified. In cases where the original text was left intact, the endnote gives a correction or improvement.·

This is one of the finest books ever written on the art and science of chess. Read it, learn, and enjoy.

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Contents: 14 Foreword; 16 Editor's Preface; 18 Dr. Lasker's Tournament Record; 19 Dr. Lasker's Match Record; 20 Preface to the Original German Edition; 21 Book I: The Elements of Chess; 50 Book II: The Theory of the Openings; 102 Book III: The Combination; 140 Book IV: Position Play; 199 Book V: The Aesthetic Effect in Chess; 216 Book VI: Examples and Models; 247 Final Reflections; 250 Analytical Endnotes; 275 Index of Players; 277 Index of Openings.
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