Manual for chess trainers Step 3 - The Steps Method

The Steps Method Manual for chess trainers Step 3 contains all the information a teacher needs to prepare the chess lesson. The manual contains 17 lessons and 14 plus lessons.
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The Steps Method Manual for chess trainers Step 3 contains the following articles: Thinking ahead; Knowledge and skills; Homework; Training games; Discussing the games; Help; Competition systems. Then the 17 lessons follow: 1: Completing the opening; 2: Discovered and double check; 3: Attack on a pinned piece; 4: Mate in two (access); 5: The square of the pawn; 6: Eliminating of the defence ; 7: Defending against the double attack; 8: Mini plan; 9: Draw; 10: X-ray; 11: The opening; 12: Defending against the pin; 13: Mobility; 14: Key squares (1); 15: Pinned pieces; 16: Threats; 17: Key squares (2). Further 14 lessons for the plus workbook. 1+: The X-ray effect; 2+: Pinned pieces; 3+: The rook pawn; 4+: The intermediate move; 5+: Vulnerability in the opening; 6+: Mini plans; 7+: Mate; 8+: Elimination of the defence; 9+: Under-promotion; 10+: Development; 11+: Pinning; 12+: Defend against mate; 13+: The square of the pawn; 14+: The discovered attack.
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