Manual for chess trainers Step 4 - The Steps Method

The Steps Method Manual for chess trainers Step 4 contains all the information a teacher needs to prepare the chess lesson. The manual contains 17 lessons.
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The Steps Method Manual for chess trainers Step 4 contains the following articles: Subject material; Chess games;Thinking ahead; Help; Applying knowledge; The transition to the seniors; Analyzing a position. Furthermore, 17 lessons are being dealt with: 1: Opening advantage, 2: Interfering, 3: Luring, 4: Blocking, 5: Thinking ahead, 6: Placing the front and back piece, 7: The passed pawn, 8: Eliminating the defense, 9: The magnet, 10: Weak pawns, 11: Material advantage, 12: Chasing and aiming, 13: Attack on the king, 14: Seventh rank, 15: Endgame strategy, 16: Clearing, 17: Queen against pawn.
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