Masters of Technique: The Mongoose Anthology of Chess Fiction - Edited by Howard Goldowsky

Masters of Technique: The Mongoose Anthology of Chess Fiction is the first chess fiction anthology of contemporary stories, ever published. Mongoose Press has collected the best work from twelve of the most talented chess fiction writers of the past decade. In these rich and compelling stories, chess shines as a sophisticated metaphor, and fans of the game will applaud how chess is woven with technical accuracy into every narrative. To celebrate this historic achievement, chess fiction expert, Professor Mark N. Taylor has written an entertaining and erudite foreword. Every fiction lover with an interest in chess, either serious or en passant, should not pass on this opportunity to be entertained.

Howard Goldowsky is an avid chess fan and student of the game. He lives in Canton, MA, with his wife Marci, daughter Erika, and son Tyler. In his spare time he works as a freelance chess journalist. His first book, Engaging Pieces: Interviews and Prose for the Chess Fan, was published by Daowood & Brighton, in 2007.

With a Forword by Mark Taylor

Mark N. Taylor is an Associate Professor of English at Berry College and senior editor of the award-winning Georgia Chess magazine. He has published articles on medieval and modern chess and chess literature. He is currently preparing a comprehensive annotated bibliography of chess narratives in English.

The list of contributors: Katherine Neville; Stephen Carter; Michael Griffith; Paul Eggers; Wells Tower; Patrick Somerville; Edward Falco; Steven Levery; Michael Weinreb; John Wheatcroft; Katie Kitamura; Mark Coggins.

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