Millennium eONE eBoard

Play chess online with real board and pieces

MILLENNIUM eONE is an electronic chess board specially designed for players who like to play online chess with smartphone, tablet-computer or PC, and who want to get back the real, authentic game feeling. Moves are entered comfortably on the electronic sensor board with real pieces. The moves are transmitted in real time via Bluetooth or USB to compatible apps, online platforms or chess programs. The opponent‘s move is displayed directly on the board using 81 LEDs (4 per board).


- A natural, authentic feel of the game

- Enjoyment of the game without distractions

- No long screen times

- Full concentration on your game

The board design was developed in Munich, including the unique & modern chess pieces. These are classically elegant and stylish at the same time and combine tradition and modernity. The pieces are weighted at the base with anti-slip underside. The slim, ergonomic shape ensures a good grip and excellent board overview.

Perfect size for always and everywhere

The eONE measures 12.2 x 12.2 inches and has a very flat design with 0.97 inches. The board weighs 932g and is solidly built. It fits in any pocket and is very easy to clean. The king height is 2.17 inches and the square size is 1.18 x 1.18 inches.

Set up, turn on, start playing

The eONE has everything needed to play directly integrated: Bluetooth and USB data transfer, the sensor technology to detect the moves and, of course, a powerful lithium battery that provides energy for at least 18 hours of play. So set up, switch on, start playing, without any cables! eONE is ready to play within seconds. The USB Type C interface is used to charge the battery, install updates, but also to connect the eONE to Windows PCs or MACs. Thus, applications without Bluetooth support can also use the board via USB. When switching on, the battery indicator briefly shows the current capacity of the battery. And if the battery should eventually run out after several years, you can open your board and simply replace the battery.

Play Online

With eONE you can play against millions of other chess players around the world, using the largest chess platforms. Once an opponent has been found and the game has started, you can put your phone or tablet aside and concentrate on the game at the board. It doesn‘t matter whether the opponent is playing via web client, app or also on an eBoard!

Connect the eONE via Bluetooth to the MILLENNIUM ChessLink app and play rated or unrated games on Lichess from as little as 3 minutes against friends, or from 5 minutes + 5 seconds bonus per move against opponents from all over the world. The MILLENNIUM ChessLink app is available free of charge for Android and iOS. It covers all the functions that are essential for playing with the board, is intuitive to use and can be used without the board if necessary. The latest version of the ChessLink app not only lets you play against millions of opponents, you now also have access to your

Lichess friends list and can instantly see who is currently online. Challenge your friends to a game! Or play against the Stockfish engine at your desired skill level to improve your game. The app also supports mutually agreed move takebacks and victory claims if your opponent unexpectedly leaves the game.

With the Android version of the app you can also use the eONE to play against other users. The time modes are freely selectable, there are no restrictions for board players.

Tornelo is the benchmark for all serious tournaments: Everyone feels comfortable here, whether organizer, arbiter or player. Designed as an all-round carefree package including player pairing draw, broadcasting and correction options for arbiters, the platform comes into play especially for serious sports events. Even if tournament-sized boards are normally used here - the eONE is compatible. Maybe try it out at the next club night?

Countless other applications available

For the ChessLink compatible devices there are countless other chess programs available, with which you can also use the eONE :

    For example, HIARCS Chess Explorer for Mac and PC - an extremely powerful chess program that can also integrate UCI engines, among other things, and serves as a training and analysis tool for many top players.

    Or Hiarcs for iOS (iPhone and iPad), if you want to use a powerful chess engine on your mobile device.

    For Android devices, we recommend the powerful, free app "Chess for Android“, which, in addition to various engines, also enables online play via the FICS and ICC servers, for example.

    You can also use chess programs such as BearChess, Arena, LucasChess or Shredder via various community projects.

    The ChessLink protocol is increasingly integrated by many programmers in their software products. The number of compatible programs and platforms should therefore constantly increase!

Technical data

  • 81 LEDs for move indication on the board

  • Automatic move detection

  • Dimensions board 12.2 x 12.2 x 0.97 inches

  • Weight board approx. 932 grams

  • Weight piece set approx. 220 grams

  • Lithium battery built-in

  • Connections USB Type C, Bluetooth (BT Classic and BT Low Energy)

  • Please use 5V power supply and included cable to charge

Article no. M841

Scope of delivery

  • Electronic chessboard

  • Chess piece set incl. 2 additional queens

  • USB cable for charging the battery & data transfer

  • Short instruction manual, long version here:

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Millennium eONE eBoard
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