Modernized: The Open Sicilian - A Complete Repertoire for White against the Sicilian - Zhanibek Amanov, Kostya Kavutskiy

IM Zhanibek Amanov and FM Kostya Kavutskiy present a repertoire vs. the Sicilian Defense, one of the most complex and powerful defenses available to Black, and the choice of many top players.

The critical test is to attack it directly with 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 followed by 3.d4, the Open Sicilian.

The dynamics of the resulting positions are such that White will get a lead in development while Black will have an extra central pawn. This leads to very sharp middlegames.

The main goal in choosing lines was to reach positions with well-defined plans for both sides, then illustrate how to handle a typical middlegame in each variation through the use of well-chosen instructive games.

The choices against the most frequently seen Sicilians are:

The Najdorf: 6.h3
The Kan and Taimanov: 6.g3
The Classical: 6.Bc4
The Dragon: 9.O-O-O
The Accelerated Dragon: Maróczy Bind
The Sveshnikov: 9.Nd5

The purpose of this book is not only to provide a complete repertoire for the White side of the Open Sicilian, but also to ingrain a number of thematic positional and tactical motifs as well.

The authors provide memory markers, reminders of the ideas and motifs, at the end of each chapter, as well as lots of exercises to test your understanding.

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Table of Contents

007 Introduction

009 1. The Najdorf Variation

010 1a. Najdorf – 6.h3 e6

082 1b. Najdorf – 6.h3 e5

118 1c. Najdorf – 6.h3 other

153 2. Systems with 2...e6

154 2a. The Kan Variation

174 2b. The Taimanov Variation

226 3. The Classical Variation

284 4. The Dragon Variation

333 5. The Accelerated Dragon

378 6. The Sveshnikov & Cousins

379 6a. The Sveshnikov Variation

408 6b. The Kalashnikov and Löwenthal Variations

439 7. Minor Sicilians

440 7a. The Four Knights Variation

475 7b. Rare Sicilians

514 Solutions to the Exercises

548 Conclusion

549 Index of Variations

562 Bibliography

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