Positional Attacks - Uncovers the Artistic Side of Attacking - Joel Johnson

The third instalment of the best-selling series of attack books - Formation Attacks, Formation Attack Strategies, and now, Positional Attacks is another 500 page book, full of great attack information with 532 fabulous attack games from all openings and all eras.

The aim of Positional Attacks is to uncover the artistic side of attacking, one that is primarily centered on the creation and exploitation of weaknesses. Oh sure, there will be tactics; after all they cannot be avoided in chess - nor would we want to exclude them.

But there is nothing quite like witnessing chess masters dissect their opponents with smooth, elegant, aggressive, positional attacking manoeuvres.

And, once again, the games provided in the book came from an in-depth global search for unique, inspirational, and original attacks from some of the world’s greatest attackers. Many of them toil in remote areas of the planet and have only a local following.

Joel Johnson earned the National Master title in 1978 and later the Life Master title. Joel is a tactical chess player that has won many chess tournaments during his roughly thirty-five years of playing chess at Master Level.

In 2007, he won the U.S. Senior Chess Championship. Joel was an award winning Editor of "Chess Horizons", the official state chess magazine for the state of Massachusetts and is a past Games Editor for the magazine.

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Table of Contents

007 Preface

007 Kudos

008 Brian Wall

027 Young Rising Stars

027 Daniil Dubov

030 WeiYi

036 Section A - Pawn Roles

037 Pawn Structure

038 Ugliest Pawn Structure Ever?

041 Anchoring

048 Alien Pawn

063 Pawn Lever

072 Pawn Break

075 Center Pawn Mass

094 Isolated Pawn

095 Black Strategy

096 White Strategy

096 Eliminate the Isolated Pawn Weakness with d4-d5

099 Sacrifices on e6 & t7, Often with f2-f4-f5 Played

104 Rook Lift Attack

111 Queenside Play

111 This Is Not Just A White Thing - Black Can Do It Too

112 Something Different

114 Backward Pawn

123 Doubled Pawns

131 Hanging Pawns

131 Strategy for Attacking Hanging Pawns

132 Strategy #1: Force a Pawn Advance

136 Strategy #2: Divide and Conquer

138 Failure to Control Hanging Pawns = An Attack

140 Minority Attack

140 White Strategy

142 Black Strategy

146 Attacking Pawn Chains

146 Pawn Chain Attack Strategy - Attack the Base

150 Pawn Chain Attack Strategy - Attack the Point

153 Pawn Chain Attack Strategy - Sacrifice a Piece

158 Section B - Positional Attack Concepts

159 Pawn Roll

165 Pawn Power

165 Passed Pawn

167 Create an Alien Pawn to Assist with Checkmate

167 Plug an Escape Route

168 Checkmating Pawn Storm

169 Slow Moving Pawn Storm

169 Pawns as a Battering Ram

170 Separate and Draw Forces Away from the Defense of the King

171 The White Passed Pawns Form a Mating Net Directly in Front of the Black King

172 An Amazing Pawn Game

173 Prevent a Pawn Pass to Force Open the h-file

174 Trades

185 Bad Bishop versus Good Knight

189 Exchange Sacrifice Reasons

190 Removing a Key Defender

190 Separation of Forces

192 Damaging a Pawn Structure

193 Weaken Squares

195 Prevent Castling

195 Create a Powerful Passed Pawn

196 Precise Value of the Pieces

198 Lang-term Positional Pressure

200 Space

201 Place a Rook on a File

202 Piece Activity

210 King Exposure

213 John Grefe

217 Space Control

223 Fatal Weaknesses

223 Weakness - g8 Square

223 Weakness - f7 Square

224 Weakness - h7 Square

225 Weakness - h-File

225 Weakness - f7 & Back Rank

226 Weakness - Dark Squares

228 Weakness - Light Squares

231 Weakness - Squares Around The King

233 Weakness - Kingside Squares

236 Section C - Positional Attack Motifs

237 Positional Exchange Sacrifice

268 Local Material Advantage

295 Overwhelming Force

299 Zugzwang/Bind

305 Positional Attacks

307 Beat Down Games

310 Player Spotlight: Aleksandar Indjie of Serbia

312 Player Spotlight: Alexey Korotylev of Russia

313 Opening Une - l.e4 e6 2.d4 dS 3.eS eS 4.e3 Ne6 S.Nf3 Qb6 6.Bd3 exd4 7.exd4 Bd7 8.0-0 Nxd4 9.Nbd2

323 Player Spotlight: Garry Kasparov of Russia

327 Section D - Mixed Attack Motifs

328 Mixed Attack Motifs

329 itxh6 Sacrifice

335 itxh7 Sacrifice

341 Fishing Pole

354 H-File Mate

357 King Hunt

384 Lay Down Sacrifice

395 4)d5 Sacrifice

403 4)f5 Sacrifice

412 Opposite Side Castling

427 Pawn Storm

442 Separation of Forces

450 The Wedge

454 Bullet Chess

469 Aggressive Defense

483 Who Needs a Queen

498 Book News

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