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Improve your understanding and play of these most important endings with comprehensive but clear explanations by one of the most respected chess instructors of our era.

As most chess players know, rook endgames represent approximately half of all endings reached in master games. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that chess players wishing to improve their skill must thoroughly familiarize themselves with this critical part of endgame study.

“This is a work that should be enjoyed and treasured. Carefully examine the chosen examples and challenge yourself to understand them fully.” – From the Foreword by Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan

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Contents: 3 Foreword by Yasser Seirawan; 5 About this book and how to use it; 8 Chapter One: Strategy and Tactics of Rook-and-pawn Endgames; 9 Important Features of the Pieces; Tactical Elements; 12 1. The Skewer; 13 2. Double Attacks; 15 3. Pinning; 16 4. Deflection; 18 5. Far-advanced Pawns; 21 6. Stalemate; Strategical Elements; 25 1. Coordination of the Pieces; 29 2. Active and Passive Pieces; 36 3. Pawn Structure; 42 4. The Importance of Time; 44 5. Shelter for the King; 46 6. Transition to a Different Type of Endgame; 50 7. Material and Positional Advantage; Chapter Two: Basic Rook-and-pawn Endgames; Rook and Pawn versus Rook; 58 1. Rook and non-rook Pawn versus Rook; 79 2. Rook and rook pawn versus Rook; Rook and Two Pawns versus Rook; 87 1. Rook and Doubled Pawns versus Rook; 88 2. Rook and Two Connected Pawns versus Rook; 94 3. Rook and Two Isolated Pawns versus Rook; Rook-and-pawn Endgames with Equal Pawns; 99 1. Rook and Pawn versus Rook and Pawn; 101 2. Other Rook-and-pawn Endgames; Rook-and-pawn Endgames with an Extra Pawn; 102 1. Rook and Two Pawns versus Rook and Pawn; 109 2. Rook and Three Pawns versus Rook and Two Pawns; 112 3. Rook and Four Pawns versus Rook and Three Pawns.
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