ROMAN'S LAB - VOLUME 61 - Art of Instant Attacks - Roman Dzinzichashvili

On this DVD, GM Larry Christiansen will demonstrate through a series of examples how to create instant violent attacks in your games. Larry will examine all movements that have effects on the enemy king's positions such as The power of Queen centralizing Power of a Knight on e7, f5 Rook lifting, Traffic Jams Knight forks and attacks on Superior pieces. All Checks & Captures, Interference, Counter attacks & more! The GM thought process behind instant attacks The Power of Nf5 in the Sicilian Power of a Centralize King in the Middlegame Violent Forcing moves Rook Lifting and Traffic Jams Step by Step building on Small advantages Exchange Sacrifice Counter Attack - Meet threats with threats of your own Exception to the Rule Interfering Theme Long term Sacrifice Over whelming force
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