Studies for Practical Players - Dvoretsky, Pervakov

Nowadays, chessplayers spend almost all their free time preparing openings, and rarely spend the time necessary to perfect the vitally important technique of calculating. Regular training in solving and playing out endgame studies is a good recipe for eliminating that shortcoming.

This training is directed at developing resourcefulness, fantasy (in chess, these qualities are called "combinative acuity"), and the readiness to sacrifice material, in pursuit of the goal - winning!

How do we develop good habits of winning endgame play? There are lots of manuals, but this may be the first in which a famous practical player, a trainer with a world-renowned name, and a study composer who has earned the title of International Grandmaster of Composition, share their views in one and the same book.

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Contents: 5 Foreword by Jan Timman; 7 Introduction by Oleg Pervakov; Part 1: International Composing Tournament; 8 Mark Dvoretsky: Studies From My Notebook; 8 "A Small Genre"; 9 Endgame Studies; 14 A Difficult Choice; 15 Playing Out Studies; 20 Two-Sided Play-outs; 24 Oleg Pervakov: Tournament Results; 25 Prizes; 30 Special Prizes; 38 Honorable Mentions; 45 Commendations; Part 2: Two Study Themes; 52 Oleg Pervakov: Left Bank, Right Bank; 61 Oleg Pervakov: Ours among Strangers; A Stranger among Us; Part 3: Training; 80 Mark Dvoretsky: Studies by Wotawa; 87 Solutions; 103 Mark Dvoretsky: Challenge to a Duel; 103 Sacrifice - or be sacrificed!; 110 Accurate calculation; 137 Strategic Studies; 143 Endgame Studies; 153 Cooked Studies; Part 4: From Steinitz to Morozevich; 163 Oleg Pervakov: Studies by Practical Players; 163 At the Summit of Olympus; 164 Wilhelm Steinitz; 164 Emanuel Lasker; 165 Jose-Raul Capablanca; 165 Alexander Alekhine; 166 Max Euwe; 167 Mikhail Botvinnik; 168 Vassily Smyslov; 173 Mikhail Tal; 174 Anatoly Karpov; Grandmaster Study-Composers; 176 Siegbert Tarrasch; 178 Oldrich Duras; 180 Richard Reti; 183 Aron Nimzovich; 183 Nicholas Rossolimo; 186 Paul Keres; 188 David Bronstein; 189 Yuri Averbakh; 190 Igor Zaitsev; 191 Pal Benko; 195 The Polgar Sisters; 197 Jan Timman; 200 Daniel Stellwagen; 201 John Nunn; 202 Jonathan Speelman; 203 Valery Salov; 204 Alexei Shirov; 205 Vladimir Akopian; 206 Alexander Morozevich; 207 Alexander Beljavsky/Adrian Mikhalchishin; 209 Boris Gelfand / Emil Sutovsky; 210 Index.
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