Tactical Training - 702 Exercises - Andras Meszaros

This book is one part of a tactical series. Besides enabling self-education, it helps trainers and school chess instructors to make their pupils acquire and practice a combinational and tactical approach to chess.

Compiling the tasks I used the best works available in the topic. My experience collected in my own praxis also aided me in gathering the examples. I have tried to collect the most important and frequent tactical types. Although this book only deals with the fundamentals of tactics, there will be a sequel to it, so you’ll be able to learn the science of chess magic.

A word about myself: I am an international master, and have been working as a trainer in Hungarian junior chess life for a long time. The best-known of my pupils are Ildikó Mádl, Judit and Sophie Polgár, the members of the two-time Olympic gold medallist team; Gledura Benjamin, age group European Champion etc.

Have a good time studying my book!

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