Tal - Botvinnik 1960, 6th edition - Tal

“Mikhail Tal’s splendid account of his world championship match victory is one of the masterpieces of the golden age of annotation – before insights and feelings and flashes of genius were reduced to mere moves and Informant symbols. This is simply the best book written about a world championship match by a contestant. That shouldn’t be a surprise because Tal was the finest writer to become world champion.” – From the Foreword by International Grandmaster Andy Soltis

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Contents: 1 Tal: A Remembrance; 3 From the Author; 4 Before the Match; 9 Game One; 18 Game Two; 27 Game Three; 36 Game Four; 45 Game Five; 57 Game Six; 72 Game Seven; 81 Game Eight; 92 Game Nine; 103 Game Ten; 118 Game Eleven; 133 Game Twelve; 143 Game Thirteen; 148 Game Fourteen; 154 Game Fifteen; 165 Game Sixteen; 175 Game Seventeen; 187 Game Eighteen; 197 Game Nineteen; 204 Game Twenty; 210 Game Twenty-one; 213 Additional Games.
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