Test, Evaluate and Improve Your Chess: A Knowledge-Based Approach - Danny Kopec, Terrie Hal

This book represents the sum of Dr. Kopec's overall efforts to help chessplayers understand and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve chess mastery. Dr. Kopec and Hal Terrie have produced a book which will surely advance the science of chess improvement.

This book is the third in a series that represents testing and evaluation of human and computer chessplayers for over 30 years. The original work started with the Bratko-Kopec Test in 1982 whereby positions were selected that proved very effective in evaluating the level of both human and computer chessplayers.

This led to the development of five tests which comprised the 1997 first edition of this book. For the 2003 edition Kopec and Terrie added two tests bringing them to a total of 182 positions comprising seven tests.

The present edition adds five new tests, covering the openings including Novice (1000-1499) Intermediate (1500-1999), Advanced (2000-2199) and Super-Advance (2200 – 2700).

A test covering the subtleties of King and Pawn Endings has also been added. The new edition also has the all the tests re-ordered by level of difficulty. All in all, there are 304 positions in this new comprehensive edition.

All tests are particularly knowledge-based, covering all phases and all levels of chess play. The book is an excellent tool for self-study and for study of chess in classes. Instructors will find it invaluable.

International Master Danny Kopec has, in parallel with his chess career, pursued an academic career in computer science with research in artificial intelligence, software methodology and computer science education. For more than 20 years Kopec has been testing and evaluating hundreds of human and machine chess players in the UK, Canada, and US in order to quantify their overall chess strength, their specific deficiencies and definite abilities. Kopec has developed a reputation as perhaps the world's greatest exponent of chess knowledge.

NM Terrie Hal is a Life and Correspondence Chess Master.

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Table of Contents

What's New in the Third Edition?



Chapter 1
The Novice Test
The Novice Openings Test

Chapter 2
The Intermediate Test
The Intermediate Openings Test

Chapter 3
The Bratko-Kopec Test
The New Positions Test

Chapter 4
The King and Pawn Endings Test

Chapter 5
The Rook and Pawn Endings Test

Chapter 6
The Other Endings Test

Chapter 7
The Advanced Openings Test

Chapter 8
The Camp Test 1995

Chapter 9
The Super-Advanced Openings Test


Appendix 1
Experiments in Chess Cognition
Appendix 1-a
Appendix 1-b

Appendix 2
Camp Test 1995 Results

Appendix 3
Novtest Scores from Kopec's Chess Camp 2001

Appendix 4
Miscellaneous Results with Bratko-Kopec Test (32 Subjects) Analysis of Within-Test Position Results

Appendix 5
For Intermediate Test (133 Subjects)

Appendix 6
Major Revisions to 2nd Edition Implemented in 3rd Edition


Index of Openings

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