The Art of the King's Indian - Oleg Stetsko, Eduard Gufeld

Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov of Bulgaria loves the King's Indian Defense.

Having played it from his youth after reading Bronstein's great book on the Zurich 1953 International Tournament, his love for the Kings Indian Defense is on display throughout this volume, which is filled with creative ideas and strategies, tactics, and especially those shocking shots characteristic of the King's Indian.

The lines Bojkov recommends to you often involve giving up the center with ...e5xd4 and then using ...c7-c6 and eventually ...d6-d5 to break it all open at the right moment.

The variations covered in this book include:

1. The Classical Variation
1a The Flexibility in the Classical Variation
1b The Glicoric System
1c The Exchange System
1d The Petrosian System

2. The Samisch Variation
3. The Four Pawns Attack
4. The Averbakh System
5. The Bagirov Line
6. The Fianchetto System

This book not only contains many new ideas and novelties, but will significantly increase your understanding of the KID! With lots of exercises to test your growing skills.

Dejan Bojkov is a Bulgarian GM, rated 2544. He was Bulgarian national champion in 2009, and is a member of the Bulgarian national team. He was the long-time trainer of former world women's champion Antoaneta Stefanova.

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Table of Contents

004 Garry Kasparov. Through the prism of time

006 Oleg Stetsko. My friend Eduard Gufeld

009 Part 1. A Lifetime of the King’s Indian

009 Preface

012 Sämisch Variation

013 The search for a reply

033 My Main Variation

077 Classical Variation

078 7.0-0

108 7.d5

122 7.Be3

127 Averbakh Variation

146 Deviations from the Averbakh Variation

158 Bishop Fianchetto

159 Control of e4 - 7...Bf5

166 Attack on the centre - 7...e5

173 The flank attack 7...a6

174 The centre is not closed

183 Closed centre

187 Yugoslav Variation

195 Four Pawns Attack

208 Résumé

Part 2. Games by present-day romantics

211 Sämisch Variation

241 Classical Variation

241 7.0-0

285 7.d5

294 7.Be3

304 Averbakh Variation

309 Deviations from the Averbakh Variation

322 Bishop Fianchetto

338 Four Pawns Attack

344 Gufeld’s opponents

346 Index of games by romantics

347 Index of variations

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