The Complete Hedgehog: Volume 2 - Sergey Shipov

The Hedgehog lives! GM Sergey Shipov concludes his monumental investigation of this counterattacking system for Black with in-depth coverage of formations arising from 1.e4 and 1.d4. Sparing no effort to discover best play for both sides, he presents White’s most promising plans and breathes new life into variations that – according to theory – had turned the Hedgehog into an endangered species.

Like its companion volume focusing on the English Opening, this is no dry reference manual, but a labor of love and a lively exposition of the opening’s strategic basis and typical tactical ideas. Along the way, the reader is treated to the author’s wide-ranging observations on such topics as the usefulness of computers in opening analysis; the dangers of narrow thinking; and the value of optimism to a chessplayer’s rating.

The Hedgehog is an unconventional opening requiring unconventional treatment by both Black and White. Sit down with one of its foremost experts and learn how elite players including Fischer, Karpov, and Judit Polgar honed it into a formidable weapon.

Sergey Shipov - Author

Russian GM Sergey Shipov is a highly respected author and trainer, best known for his live online commentary at top international chess tournaments.

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Contents: 5 Introduction to Volume 2; Part 1: 7 The Hedgehog with a Pawn on f3; Section 1: 8 Black's Main Ideas; Chapter 1-1: 10 The Main Ideas of the Structure. The Canonical Setup for Black; Opening the Center with the Attack ...d6-d5; Chapter 1-2: 51 The Saemisch Maneuver: Transferring the Bishop to c7. Chapter 1-3: 91 Fischer's Plan: Raid by the g7-Pawn; Chapter 1-4: 139 Ljubojevic's Plan: a Diversion by the h7-Pawn; Section 2: 175 Active Plans for White; Chapter 2-1: 177 An Early Raid by the a2-Pawn - A Modification of the Classic Plan; Chapter 2-2: 225 Pressure on the d6-Pawn with an Exchange on e5; Chapter 2-3: 261 A Kingside Pawn Assault by White; Chapter 2-4: 317 White Castles Queenside. Assault on the Kingside; Part 2: 367 The Hedgehog with a Bishop on the b1-h7 Diagonal; Chapter 1: 368 Sources and General Ideas. The Bishop on b2; Chapter 2: 460 The c1-Bishop's Wanderings. Variations in White's Structure; Part 3: 517 The Queen's Indian Hedgehog. Opposite-Side Castling. 574 Conclusion; 581 Index of Players.
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