The Improving Annotator: From Beginner to Master - Dan Heisman

Annotating your own games can help you to play better chess. By examining the choices you made during the game – and how they turned out – you can pinpoint the flaws in your thinking process so that you can work on them.

Chess master, author, and renowned teacher Dan Heisman shows you the whys and the hows of annotating your games. Using entertaining clashes from four decades of tournament play, Heisman traces his own development as a player and analyst, illustrating how his method works in practice. Adding recent games and new comments that shed light on his original annotations, in this revised and expanded edition of The Improving Annotator the author explores the benefits and pitfalls of letting computers do our thinking for us, and explains the best way to use them for analysis.

Dan Heisman - Author

Dan Heisman is a full-time instructor since 1996. His column on chess improvement at Chess Cafe has won "Best Instruction" in North America six times. Dan has made many instructional chess videos and is author of many chess books, like: The World's Most Instructive Amateur Game Book; The Improving Annotator (2nd ed.); Back to Basics Tactics; Elements of Positional Evaluation (4th ed.); The Traxler Counterattack; The Computer Analyzes the Fried Liver/Lolli; Looking for Trouble; Everyone's Second Chess Book; The Improving Chess Thinker; A Guide to Chess Improvement; A Parent's Guide to Chess.

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Contents: 1 1. Selensky - English (Black); 10 2. Kubacki - Sicilian O'Kelly (Black); 17 3. Davies - French Winawer (White); 24 4. Taylor - Sicilian Dragon (White); 29 5. Hauck - Blackmar-Diemar Gambit (White); 38 6. Goregliad - Dutch Leningrad (White); 47 7. Raich - Sicilian Scheveningen (Black); 55 8. Edmondson - Sicilian Dragon (White); 61 9. Cintron - Sicilian Irregular (Black); 70 10. Yehl - Sicilian Marshall (Black); 82 11. Miller - Sicilian Alapin (Black); 91 12. Johnson - Sicilian Four Knights (White); 98 13. Noderer - Sicilian Najdorf (Black); 107 14. Latzel - Nimzo-Indian (Black); 122 15. Baker - Sicilian Najdorf (Black); 133 16. Kolker - Sicilian Sozin (White); 142 17. Knight - English Symmetric (White); 152 18. Dowling - Colle System (Black); 164 Snippet #1 Anderson - Sicilian Najdorf (Black); 167 19. Peters - Sicilian Najdorf (Black); 176 20. Tamburro - Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack (White); 183 21. Schonhaut - Sicilian Larsen Variation (White); 191 22. Tobias - Sicilian Najdorf (Black); 201 23. Pastor - King's Indian Attack (Black); 214 24. Lunenfeld - French Tarrasch (White); 223 25. Dunn - Sicilian Scheveningen (Black); 239 Snippet #2 Santiago (Simultaneous) - English (White); 242 26. Popovych - English Symmetric (White).
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