The King's Gambit for the Creative Aggressor (english & german) - Thomas Johansson

Why should you play the King's Gambit? Well, there are many reasons:

  • The King's Gambit is a dynamic attacking system, and sharpens our instinct for the fine balance between time, structure, and material.
  • Only one opening is needed after 1.e4 e5, and that is 2.f4!. Forget trying to memorize the Philidor, the Petroff, the Ruy Lopez, and the Latvian Gambit.
  • The King's Gambit is great entertainment! It provides game after game of fun positions full of strategic and tactical complexities.
  • Finally, the King's Gambit is still a surprise weapon - especially the unusual and highly aggressive lines examined in this book!

What is needed to play the King's Gambit with success? Above all, Creativity and the Will to Attack! And of course, The King's Gambit for the Creative Aggressor! Johansson is an imaginative Swedish enthusiast, whose re-search outlines a focused and promising repertoire for those seeking to win as White.

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003 Contents


004 Symbols


005 Introduction

007 Einführung

009 Chapter I King's Gambit Declined - Various Second Moves

Kapitel I Abgel. Königsgambit - Verschiedene zweite Züge

016 Chapter II Counter-Gambits

Kapitel II Die Gegengambits

043 Chapter III The Classical Defence

Kapitel III Die Klassische Verteidigung

067 Chapter IV King's Gambit Accepted - Various non-Main Lines

Kapitel IV Angen. Königsgambit - Diverse Nebenvarianten

072 Chapter V The Kieseritzky-Gambit

Kapitel V Das Kieseritzky-Gambit

103 Chapter VI The Becker Defence

Kapitel VI Die Becker-Verteidigung

112 Chapter VII The Fischer Defence

Chapter VII Die Fischer-Verteidigung

123 Chapter VIII The Nameless 3...Nc6 Defence

Kapitel VIII Die Verteidigung 3...Sc6

128 Chapter IX The Schallopp Defence

Kapitel IX Die Schallopp-Verteidigung

136 Chapter X The Cunningham Defence

Kapitel X Die Cunningham-Verteidigung

148 Chapter XI The Modern Defence

Kapitel XI Die Moderne Verteidigung

160 Sources


161 Index of Variations


168 Index of Players


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