The Nimzoindian Defence - The easy way by Jacob Aagaard

On this DVD Danish IM Jacob Aargaard introduces you to the secrets of the Nimzoindian Defence (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4). In 15 lessons that last 4 hours and 4 minutes Aargaard shows you how you can successfully play this opening by understanding key ideas instead of memorizing long tedious variations. 

This need-to-know approach has served the Danish IM, who needs only a few more rating points to become GM, well over the years. His wins against GM Jonathan Tisdall and GM Alexander Shabalov are only two of the many inspiring games he presents on the DVD. 

This entertaining crash course in a timeless and hugely popular opening provides you with the complete repertoire of a grandmaster. It is based on understanding key positions and key strategies such as targeting the c4-pawn or square. 

Jacob Aagaard is born in 1973 in Denmark but lives in Scotland. Jacob Aagaard is a Grandmaster and British Champion in 2007. He is also a chess author and co-owner of Quality Chess, a chess publishing house. Jacob Aagaard has written several award winning books. His work is well know for a mixture of lame humour and easy to follow explanations.

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Video running time 4 hours: 4 minutes.
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