Topalov- Kramnik 2006 - Topalov

Two World Champions - in a class by themselves. The profound Russian World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, who had defeated the seemingly invincible Kasparov to take the "classical" world title in 2000. The brilliant Bulgarian Challenger Veselin Topalov, ranked No. 1 in the world, winner of the FIDE title in 2005. The immovable objcet versus the irresistible force.

Not since Bobby Fischer had faced Boris Spassky in Reykjavik in 1972 had the chess world seen such a tumultuous, controversial title bout with such major implications for the future of world chess. The match had it all: deep positional play, razor-sharp tactics, accusations of cheating and political interference, threats of lawsuits, and even a game forfeited under protest.

This is Veselin Topalov's very personal account of his 2006 world championship match against the reigning world Champion Vladimir Kramnik. With the help of co-author Zhivko Ginchev, Topalov shares his thoughts, hopes and fears as he fought for the most prestigious title in the chess world.

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Contents: 4 Cast of Characters; 6 Signs and Symbols; 7 Introduction; 33 Chapter One - Steppe by Steppe; 62 Chapter Two - A Mate in Two; 76 Chapter Three - Reverse 3; 86 Chapter Four - The White Lotus; 96 Chapter Five - Napishi mne Pismo; 112 Chapter Six - Life is One of the Hardest Nuts to Crack; 130 Chapter Seven - The Golden Temple; 146 Chapter Eight - The Worst Nightmare; 157 Chapter Nine - About the Blonde and the Brunette; 170 Chapter Ten - Pacta Servanda Sunt; 181 Chapter Eleven - The Lonely Poplar; 191 Chapter Twelve - Jomba; 200 Chapter Thirteen - Saint Rita.
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