Winning King Pawn Openings for White – GM Gregory Kaidanov

In this chess DVD, Grandmaster Gregory Kaidanov covers the most popular opening positions in the history of chess that occur after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 – exactly the type of position that appears very frequently in the games of beginners and intermediate players. GM Kaidanov covers all of white’s options on move 3 so that viewers will gain a complete understanding of this type of opening system. After watching this chess DVD, not only will you learn how to play such exciting and hyper aggressive openings as the Evans Gambit and Fried Liver attack, you will also learn many important middlegame concepts and become a better, more complete player. This is Grandmaster Kaidanov’s first chess DVD and is intended for players of beginner and intermediate level.
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CHESS DVD OUTLINE: Chapter 1 – Evans Gambit – Detailed Introduction; chapter 2 – Evans Gambit – Main Lines; Chapter 3 – Evans Gambit – Declined; Chapter 4 – Fried Liver Attack – Detailed Introduction; Chapter 5 – Fried Liver Attack – Sharper Variations; Chapter 6 – King Pawn Sidelines.
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