Workbook Step 1 plus - The Steps Method

The themes in the Plus section concentrate very much on the improving of board vision. The material is to a great extent familiar, though there is an important extra: students are asked to choose between two different options. That is true for the lessons "Winning material", "Defending" (defending is also dealt with in two other lessons) and "Board vision". We come up against the spatial aspect, which is still a difficult topic for this Step, in the lessons on mate and draws. We go into both of these concepts in more depth and we set different types of exercise. When a concept is difficult, and "mate" is certainly that, it helps to do a lot of varied practice. In Step 1 the student really has to think, otherwise he won't succeed. He really has to get into things. We deal with all the themes in eight Plus lessons. Some of these can be short. The main thing is that the students are able to solve the exercises correctly. For that reason we do not recommend to skip the instruction.

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Contents: 1: Winning material, 2: Defending, 3: Mate, 4: Board vision, 5: Defending against mate, 6: Draws, 7: Creating mate, 8: The passed pawn
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