Workbook Step 2 plus - The Steps Method

Workbook Step 2 plus
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The contents of the Workbook Step 2 plus: delivering mat (mate in one with a double check, threatening mate); pawn endings; the opening; legal or illegal?; defending against scholar's mate; Defending; Getting out of check in a cunning way, choosing the correct capture, defending agaisnt a passed pawn.; Creating mate; Creating mate with 2 pieces, mating patterns; Draw by stalemate; Forcing stalemate, avoiding stalemate, lifting stalemate, stalemate as weapon, unavoidable stalemate; Have a try: Lifting the stalemate; Passed pawn; Cashing in a passed pawn and defending against a passed pawn; Route planners; Exercises to raise skills (give check, choose the safe route, deliver mate as soon as possible, capture all the pieces)
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