Workbook Step 2 thinking ahead - The Steps Method

Step 2 thinking ahead

The first workbook of an additional series: thinking ahead. Boris Friesen is the co-author. In the workbook you will find reminders and exercises. The kind of exercises are different and more diverse than in the other workbooks. However, the themes from step 2 will be familiar.

The best moment to introduce the workbook is after step 2 plus. For students in step 3 who skipped the extra and plus books the workbook is suitable to raise their skills. Of course you can introduce some exercises from the book while you are still working in the basic workbook of step 2.

The thinking ahead workbook is somewhat different from usual. There are not diagrams on every page, you will need to get used to that. What sort of exercises can you expect?

Blindfold chess

The blindfold chess exercises use only an empty board. The position is described through the white and black piece positions. The tasks are all familiar like: attack safely, route planning and much more.

Blindfold exercises on the board

You must solve all these tasks without a board. You must rapidly be able to indicate the squares without any mistakes. Practise that, if you have to, on a real board first of all with the co-ordinates and then on a board without letters or numbers. There are a lot of different types of exercise.

Exercises with a diagram

These pages are the most like those from other workbooks.

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