World Champion at the Third Attempt - Sanakoev

It is rare that a Correspondence World Champion annotates a collection of the finest games from his career with detailed notes that penetrate deeply into the analytical and decision-making process. Yet this is precisely what Grigory Sanakoev (12th World Correspondence Champion, 1985-92) has done, and the result is a book packed with entertainment and instructive value, ideal for study by ambitious players. "My third choice is World Champion at the Third Attempt by Grigory Sanakoev. This book traces the author's struggle over a period of twenty-five years to fulfil his ambition to become World Correspondence Chess Champion. Since I am basically a correspondence chess player, rarely sitting down at a board to engage my opponent head to head, I can appreciate the problems that he encountered in reaching his goal." - Alan Sutton, being interviewed by Peter Bennett, for 'Desert Island Chess Books,' in Correspondence Chess.
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